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Stanley Cup 2017 Final OPINION!


Ottawa really put their best foot forward in the series against Pittsburgh and losing in double overtime was a tough pill to swallow. They pushed the Penguins as far as they could go and played some great hockey. At the end of the day, I think Pittsburgh was simply a stronger team and has worked hard to make it to the finals. I also think Nashville was a better team than Anaheim and am not surprised with the outcome of the series.

My general impression is that a lot of people would like Nashville to win the Stanley Cup, but many believe Pittsburgh is a more solid group. Both teams play a strong offensive game. Pittsburgh has a lot of high-end forwards, which is where they get their scoring power. Nashville has the best group of defencemen in the league and they gain a lot of offensive ability from their defence.

Both teams attack the same way and can play a speed game. Each can also play a physical game, but it’s not really their key strength, so I think we’re in for a fast series. It’ll be great to watch two extremely fast, energetic teams battle for the cup!

Game 3 Saturday.  What are your thoughts?